A Google fordító "műfordításaiból": Petőfi Sándor - Mother Hen

Petőfi Sándor


Why, what a rock! mother hen, hemp
The living room in there?
Well, the only good god is good he will give,
Fölvitte to anoint the job!

Here, running around up and down,
Even the trunk can lift and,
Remember, kotkodákol,
And do not beat up the room.

Sure beat, no beat!
As the birds are fed,
A selection of hemp seeds,
The king did not live better.

So, mother hen, so
Well estimate anoint himself
Iparkodjék, but not
Egg short of the mother. -

Shep dog, Prick ears,
Let me talk to me now,
Old maid or a house,
You served still human,

You will still be good, Crumb,
Do not get in the mood tyúkhusra,
Live with friends with a hen '...
My mother only possessions.