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John Golden

It is evening, evening: every one to rest!
Boling of the black mulberry leaves,
Beetle buzz of the night, he goes to the wall
Copenhagen is hard, then stop.
As if all the leg hatch Rognan,
Slow terrestrial frogs all over the Greeks,
Rambling thrown the bat in the eaves,
Owl howl out of the maimed, the old tower.

Fehérlik times in a cow yard:
The housekeeper's head at precisely the above;
Ruminate quietly, very pious kind of
Calf is hungry for big butt on it.
Cat is a graduate - bogarászni Rest -
Óvakodva treading long stretch with the body,
I-stop, look around: just get a sudden
A iramodással the atrium hall.

The door is open, the fuel light
So hivogatólag shines out of the hedge.
Hasal served in a dog door,
Threshold of the foot, this gives her chin.
Inside the housewife elszûri milk,
Inquiry gives her son a drink;
Then he mingled with the children's company,
As stars are among the gentle moonlight.

A daughter for sale on the fire Venyige cancer:
He's the most beautiful ... the morning star.
Iron tüzesít new clothes ready
Only the absence of reinforcement, ... he shall come to pass in the morning ceremony.
Around the little things, funny story addition
Zörgõs shelled peas or beans szemelget,
Shell fire from time to time make a lot:
The spherical light on their faces.

The youngest boy asks for bread and nibble;
Swimming around sometimes frisk: tûzkigyókat draw.
Read the greater care being taken not to another:
The priest will be boys, no matter who undermine existence!
At least it used to say the apjok,
Although he did not act in haste prayer:
Prefer the poems, songs,
Kind of experiment to do himself.

Pendik a hoe now, putting the economy;
Striped sack hangs a nail;
Research the tiny nation would be happy if it
Birds seen little pieces of bread find.
Rettenve up screaming, which Belényi:
Oops! something evil ... if not, well ... little rabbit!
There will be joy alunni nor can the night;
Offer a strong cabbage-leaf.

The farmer said, a kindly good night,
She sits down to nyugassza eltörõdött body
Porlepett shirt wiping his forehead:
Deep in the living szántva plow.
But when the joyful looks around saplings,
Dark arcredõi elsimulnak nicely;
Gondűző drain pipe into the fire;
Detect a smile of her soft-spoken.

Not be delayed, however, the good housewife,
Essential to get food for her husband,
Exposes the center of the table with chair
They serve up simple meals.
He has eaten itself, not the child is hungry,
Unszolja But the husband, "Come closer, dear!"
Better tasting the wall, if we all eat -
A wing, thigh gives little ones.

But who knocks? "Look up, son of Sarah:
Éjtszakára ask some poor places:
Why not fogadnók occur when there is no homestead,
How much can you suffer a lot of closed door handle! "
Lyánka back from the call-up passengers.
Lame harcfi enters the evening with many good wishes:
"God bless the kendtek food as well,
(This is done to the word), it is the man. "

Thanks to the host: "be part of it:
Fill a bowl with their mother if it would not be enough. "
So much lack to sit in public just now -
It is also the easy, though szabódik just now.
Éhöket a big bowl of desirable flavor
A pint of water relieves thirst;
Words are not very mean, while they eat
Naturally, this is now the Hungarian people.

But then when the dinner is over,
Is not difficult to place in a pauper's speech;
A stronger and he began to stream
The more far-carrying, the more it swells.
(1) bloody napjairul talk of freedom,
And her face and breasts áttüzesül felpirul,
Also talk about - his eyes swimming in tears -
Who other home in exile ... beggar.

Rehearsed or months into the land of saints,
Long way until hazaére pregnant.
(2) the elder son put down the book,
Attentive face just now, just now stoop;
And when the beggar stops the speech:
"Tell me another one" - rimánkodik much.

"No fairy tale for children" - that reveal the father of
He glances from traveling further and further:
Dependent upon the word mute reverence
Both the whole household, but especially the girls:
This is when you do not hear, and when you do not see
Asking him blush ... brother:
Three years ago, up to then ask,
Even a year waiting for marriage does not go far.

It is evening, evening ... not light the fire,
Begins to bloom hunyorgatni eyelashes;
The child is sleepy - is a sleeping intact,
Félrebillent head, her mother's lap.
About the customer and sparsely him to think big;
Intermediate, intervening only in the cat's purr.
Then swing the rustling straw on the floor ...
And cricket still takes over his empire.

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